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Welcome to the team Jackie Taylor

Welcome to our newest Medical Administration Officer at Frankston - Jackie Taylor!

Hi everyone!

I’m Jackie, I’m a Wamba Wamba woman. I’ve lived in Doveton all my life basically until recently when I moved in with my partner and her two kids up in the Dandenong’s.

We have 2 dogs, 16 chicken, 1 cat and 2 ducks, some days I wake up and think I’m on Noahs Ark lol!!

I’m the newest Medical Administration Officer at the Frankston Clinic, Many moon ago I working at the Bunurong health Service as a part-time medical driver while being a carer for my mum. The last five years I have worked for the ATO in different areas but last three in recruitment.

I’m looking forward to being part of Frankston clinic as it grows and progresses, thank you for the opportunity and I can’t wait to learn more and to be able to help my community in some way or another. I’ve missed not working in the community."