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Welcome to the team Dr Bill Liley

First Peoples' Health and Wellbeing welcomes Dr Bill to our team as our Senior Medical Officer.

Bill has recently moved to Melbourne from Cape York, in far North Queensland. He is looking forward to working with everyone at FPHW in the Thomastown Clinic.

He has 5 kids and 3 grandchildren, and 2 ageing dogs and his partner, Anne, who recently started work at Respect Victoria. His family have been in Queensland for 6 generations, moving from Wales and northern England. 4 of his great grandparents were born on the Darling Downs.

Bill worked as a GP, based in Cooktown and Hope Vale. He has keen interests in primary care and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, family medicine, and has developed resources for abuse, harassment and violence prevention. He has a background in physical therapy and education from before he went to medical school. He holds an Adjunct Professor Research role with The Cairns Institute, James Cook University.

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