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The artist behind the logo - Mikaela Egan

Meet the Deadly artist who designed the artwork for First Peoples' Health and Wellbeing - Muthi Muthi and Gunditjmara woman Mikaela Egan!

"I’m a proud Muthi Muthi/ Gunditjmara women on my fathers side and Anglo Australian on my mothers side. I grew up in Mildura and have been living in Melbourne for 10 years. I’m an artist/photographer and Aboriginal health promotion officer. I have a great love for creating and capturing moments in time. I put passion and soul into all areas of my work and I love working in my community to help create healthier lives for our mob. I believe that we can truly set an example by being the change we wish to see in order to achieve better outcomes for our people. My philosophy in life is to create change and evoke healing in our own lives and communities in order to move forward and live our best possible lives with the resources that we have. As a creative I am able to express myself and my culture through different art forms and I am truly blessed to be able to openly share that with not only the Aboriginal community but to all Australians." See more about Mikaela and her work here:

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