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NATSIHWA Individual Champion 2019 - Stevie-Lee Ryan

Congratulations to Stevie-Lee Ryan. Stevie-Lee was flown to Alice Springs for the 10 year NATSIHWA anniversary conference as a finalist in the NATSIHWA awards.

Stevie-Lee won the Individual Champion Award.

NATSIHWA Individual Champion Winner – Stevie-Lee Ryan

The NATSIHWA Individual Champion Award recognises an individual Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Worker or Health Practitioner who has been uniquely influential in the development and support of the profession.

Stevie-Lee has been pivotal to the development of a unique system of care that is both culturally safe and trauma-informed and is now core practice at First Peoples' Health and Wellbeing. This system of care centring around Stevie-Lee our lead Aboriginal Health Practitioner, as well as other Aboriginal health professionals has proven to make fundamental differences in peoples' lives, improving both their physical and mental health, and at times actually saving lives through suicide prevention. As a fully qualified Aboriginal Health Practitioner, Stevie-Lee continues to acquire higher order skills to make a difference in her Community.

Stevie-Lee Ryan commenced working at the newest Aboriginal health service in Melbourne as the only Aboriginal Health Practitioner/AHW/Nurse, with our solo GP. She has not only built the reputation of the health service from the ground up, but helped out in every way. Stevie-Lee has been instrumental in establishing a best practice model of care which has enabled her to support 80% of our clients with 715 health checks.

Stevie-Lee makes all of our patients feel safe, welcome and cared for, while providing exceptional care. She is loved by all the staff and all of the Community.

Congratulations Stevie-Lee, we could not be more proud of you.