Meet Team Storm - Jacara Egan

We are excited to announce another 8 weeks of Team Storm.

I'm Jacara Egan-Thomas, I'm a Gunditjmara/Muthi-Muthi woman I am 31 years old and a Mother of 2 boys. Shaun (also known as #shorthusbo) and myself started Storm Health and Fitness as we both share similar stories and experiences in how sport and Jacara Egan-Thomas staying fit was a key part in giving us purpose and direction and maintained our mental health and welllbeing as we were growing up and continues to do so into our adult lives. Storm's vision and mission is to use movement therapeutically to create lasting positive change in peoples lives both physically and mentally. My background in my career is a Mental Health Social worker and fitness coach and I love working with people to support them in finding the things that give them a better quality of life. At the moment I am training with the North Melbourne VFLW squad (Fingers crossed to make the team!). When I was younger I played Softball and represented my State and Country as well as being part of the inaugural Indigenous team to play against the USA and New Zealand. Another achievement I am proud of is completing Half and Full marathons. I share all of these experiences as they are all apart of what makes Storm what it is and what it is yet to become. I never in my life thought I could run 21 km. I have now completed 4 half Marathons and Multiple Marathons (5 or 6) many of those in one week. I never thought I would have the chance to follow in my father's footsteps and play football and now I am doing that with 2 kids in tow. You can do anything you can think or dream of and if you don't believe that come and work with us for a while because your potential is limitless.

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